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Title: Blame it on the Alcohol
Pairing: JunSeob
Rating: PG-13 (mild sexual themes)
Summary: [Based on this post] Junhyung is decidedly drunk, but not enough to make a fool of himself, or let Yoseob do the same.
Notes: / OTL what happened to not writing this couple

The lights dance against Junhyung’s face, in his eyes, blurring the sights around him; and somewhere in the background—at least he thinks—there’s a bassy rhythm pounding out of the club speakers. But Junhyung’s not too sure about anything right now except for how utterly stupid Yoseob looks, stumbling across the dance floor, drink in hand, speech slurring as he calls out to him.

“Hey buddy,” the words fall out of Yoseob’s mouth just as ungracefully as his body lurches forward. Junhyung supports the other boy’s weight as he rests his chin on his shoulder, looking up all puppy eyes dimpled smile.

“You’re drunk.” It’s almost a question, and Yoseob nods enthusiastically, emptying his shot glass and putting it down on what Junhyung hopes to God is an actual table and not a person.
Yoseob straightens himself out, pulling at his collared shirt and pulling himself off of Junhyung, who catches a glimpse of a very inebriated Doojoon five feet away, faltering awkwardly back to the bar.

There’s definitely music playing, Junhyung decides a moment later. Why he even doubted there was seems ridiculous as his mind momentarily clears the alcoholic fog buzzing around in it. There has to be, with the way Yoseob is suddenly bouncing on the soles of his feet in a steady rhythm, eyes closed, head bobbing to the beat.

“We should dance.”

“You should sit down,” Junhyung is decidedly drunk, but not enough to make a fool of himself, or let Yoseob do the same.

The shorter boy makes a sound in the back of his throat when Junhyung reaches out and places a firm hand on his shoulder, pushing him toward the table—so it was one—to their left.
“You should lighten up.” Yoseob retaliates in a mocking voice, twisting his body out of Junhyung’s grip easily.

“You really, really should,” A voice slurs from behind them. Doojoon’s arm comes swinging over Junhyung’s shoulder, the heavy scent of alcohol substantial in the air between them. “You don’t get out enough.”

Junhyung shrugs the arm off only to be pushed toward a bouncing Yoseob, who grabs his wrist tightly and starts for the dance floor. Doojoon snorts something indecipherable from behind them and sets off to find a provisional bed on a plush bench in the corner of the club.


His eyes and ears hurt as the music thumps through the hardwood floors, he’s not in the mood for this. Yoseob, on the other hand, is off in some world of his own, perfectly content with moving out of beat; Junhyung just stands and stares.

“You’re bad at his,” Yoseob scowls and gives Junhyung a pointed look.

“I’m not trying.”

“Well try.”


It’s a stupid thing to get mad over Junhyung suddenly decides when Yoseob stops dancing, smile visibly dropping.

“I can’t. You know. Just move like that.” Junhyung offers an explanation, sighing when Yoseob’s face brightens.

The music changes around them, an up-tempo techno sound fills the room and Junhyung curses Doojoon under his breath when Yoseob squeals “This is perfect for you!”

Yoseob is cooing and pushing gently at Junhyung’s shoulders, arms, begging him to just dance “a little bit, hyung.” And he’s giving him that look, eyes wide and watery; and he’s putty in Yoseob’s hands.

Junhyung decides to blame it on the warm buzz of alcohol running through his body if he’s questioned in the morning. He decides that he is drunk enough on something to make a fool of himself, but he’s not sure if it’s the alcohol’s fault anymore.

Junhyung pushes his body forward, turning and bringing his hands up, moving with the music; back brushing against Yoseob’s abdomen. He rolls his hips slightly to a change in tempo, smile breaking across his face when Yoseob makes a sound of surprise and delight.

He turns around, laying one arm over the shorter boy’s shoulder, his other hand coming up to rest on Yoseob’s hip, bodies rocking in a perfectly awkward sync. The air is warm and heavy—sticky, even—with whiskey and vodka, and the little sounds of delight from Yoseob are turning into tiny groans as Junhyung puts a little more pressure on his hip with his hand, digging into soft skin. Yoseob pushes back, arms wrapping around Junhyung’s neck, their eyes meeting as Yoseob pulls them closer. And all of it is just intoxicating. They’re a little too close, a little too warm with the friction between their bodies and Junhyung is suddenly very aware of this when he feels something hard brush against his thigh. And then the song is sinking into a softer rhythm with less bass and he’s pulling away from Yoseob, whose cheeks are tinged, pinker than usual.

Junhyung composes himself, pulling his now askew shirt straight and looking anywhere but at Yoseob. He makes a weak attempt at an excuse but is cut off when a strong hand wraps around the nape of his neck and pulls him down, soft full lips meeting softer ones. He hears a gasp, and maybe a shout—but he can’t find it in himself to care as Yoseob twists his head just so, his pink tongue tracing Junhyung’s bottom lip. He makes a new sound, pleading and almost needing, begging Junhyung to do something, anything with the state he is in. But they’re in public and the older boy somehow retains this fact in mind as Yoseob grinds his hips slowly against Junhyung’s own. His hands lock firmly around Yoseob’s face, pulling the whining boy from him again.

Yoseob’s eyes are dilated and dark¸ the club lights bouncing off of them in stark contrast to the pure want they emit. Junhyung leans in, planting a light, chaste kiss on the top of Yoseob’s head to calm him, and the smile that washes over his face as he wraps his arms around Yoseob’s waist can definitely not be blamed on the alcohol.

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